First aid for an early-stage startup. Someone will help you.
With Everything. Finally

You probably thought about it a lot: "What if I could hire someone who'd build my business for me?" And you have been told that it's impossible. You can't hire a person who would deal with everything — market research, go-to-market strategy, tell you what should be the product architecture, what keywords you'd need to focus your SEO on, etc.

Well, here I am. I am this person.

I'm ANa Bibikova, a SERVICE DESIGNer FOR early stage STArtups. I will help you to design your business, like I did it for dozens of founders prior to you

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Marina Labonville, Founder

Ana helped a lot with every stage of the platform. She did Audience Discovery, researching foody communities on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. She helped me find the main pain points and map out the product.

I also was a PM while the platform was built, managing a team that used 100% no-code tools.

Tech stack:

Timing: 4 months

Budget: $18.000

Cony Sammers, Founder

When I hired Ana I only had one thought "I've got an amazing idea, now what?" She basically did all the heavy lifting, dealing with the proof of concept, hiring and managing developers. She was my "co-founder for a month".

I was a PM from ground zero up to the end.

  • What I did:

  • Audience Discovery

  • Opportunity Exploration

  • MVP outline

  • 🔥 Contractors hire (saved Cony 25% to the market rate)

  • PM for developers

Timing: 6 months

Budget: $12.000

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Roman Pavlov

Ana was extremely helpful with go-to-market strategy and offered solid ideas on the ways, how we can get initial customers. She drafted a customer research plan and mapped for us, how we can do it on our own.

What I did:

  • User Research Plan (Interviews, Surveys, Tree Tests - including all the questions, drafts and templates)

  • Target Audience Discovery

  • Growth Marketing Activities Framework

Timing: 2 months

Budget: $5.000

Laura SNIDER, Founder

Ana did an amazing job with walking us through all possible no- and low-code tech options we might use to build this app. She was always well prepared, helpful and supportive.

Laura and her team wanted to use specifically, but were unsure what other technologies they will need to build this app and how much it might take.

I did: a full detailed report on the solutions that might be used to build this app, highlighted the possible bottle necks + outlined the budget for development

Timing: 2 weeks

Budget: $400

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 What can I do for you as a service designer? and a marketing architect

 🤔 What Do I Do?


— What communities might and will be your customers, what do they want. 

— What problems does your audience have, how likely for them to pay for your solution.
— Where your audience is, what do they talk about, whom do they follow, what kind of content do you need for them. 

Product/Service -related

— MVP architecture

— What features do you have to roll out first.

— What should be your messaging,

— What options do you have for positioning 

— What platforms to choose to support your go-to-market strategy


— What skill set would you need

— Where to look for the candidates,

— How to structure compensation plan 

— Looking for a co-founder? I might help too


— Who can you partner with in order to boost your product launch

— General advice on fundraising, some warm intros

Express Audit for the early-stage startup

Why we don't get any customers

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do you really need a service designer?

If you're a SF-based experienced founder backed up by VCs, with a large team that deals with every element of your product (marketers, engineers, UX, PR) — I'd probably be useless for you

✅ It's your first startup

✅ You're a founder without strong tech background 

✅ You have an idea but not sure where to start

✅ You can't afford a big team with multiple roles and responsibilities

✅ You're not sure how to get your first 100 customers

✅ You want to get an MVP at the least possible price

✅ You have no idea, what's onboarding, how to do the content marketing, why do you need SEO, what positioning is, etc.

 💰 Finally, the M Question💰

If I were you, at this point I'd ask myself two basic questions:

  1. How much would it cost me?

  2. Why do I waste money on this gal if I'd be better off ....(now, put everything you feel fits better here — invite an advisor/ hire an agency/ add 5 more people on my team).

All smart and reasonable questions! Let me start with the second one. I will save you money, time and effort. While agencies and more people on your team might overall deliver better and more results that I do, you will have to go all in with the. Meaning, your expenses will skyrocket before you even start getting an idea if this business is having legs. 

Think of hiring me as a service designer, as you'd think of testing waters: take small baby steps to see if this river worth getting in. 

Besides, my services are not that much expensive. They start from $400 for no-code tech stack consulting (what tools to use to build your MVP if you can't code) to $6.000/month if I take your project as service designer and work on it full-time. 


Sounds good but you're not sure yet?

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