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Some founders spend months "doing marketing" and get only few customers. It might be about the wrong product. Or it might be about the wrong channels and tactics. Want to find out what channels are the best for you?


I'm Ana Bibikova, a marketing person for early-stage startup founders and small business owners. I will help you build the marketing architecture that fits your product and your audience in the best possible way and bring you more sales than you have now

Bhanu Teja, Founder of

I immediately ended up with so many actionable items that I can implement to improve my marketing and get more customers.

Robert Balazsi, founder of DataGrab

Ana is absolutely amazing! She provides ton of valuable insights, you just have to dig through them.

Kazi Rabbany, 
serial entrepreneur

Ana's guidelines on the go to market strategy were very precise and right to the point .

I dive into your market, users and competitors to find perfect marketing tactics for your product

Find out who your perfect customers are

— I help build a perfect customer buying persona profile

— I analyse demographics (valuable for paid acquisition, aka Google or social media Ads targeting) 

— I find topics and narratives that resonate with them (what are they passionate about, what they want to learn, what do they talk about on social media)

Tap into the communities

— I create a list of communities you might join or piggyback on to bring your product in front of your customers. 

— I identify the platforms that you as a founder should use more actively, as your audience already hang out there. 


Build your content strategy

— Based on what your customers are passionate about I suggest the topics, the formats and the type of content you should be creating to get more customers. A little extra — we build together a monthly content marketing plan for the first 2-3 months based on SEO-related goals and business goals.  

Understand the behaviour

— I use behavioural science to audit content and copy that you put on your landing page.

Make them hooked

— The result of your cooperation will be a carefully designed activities plan that includes SMM, influencer marketing, newsletter promotions, podcast appearances, and events that will  x10 your sales.  

My services

Full marketing architecture


I analyse your product and market segment and build a best-fitting marketing plan that would allow you to get x10 more sales. Monthly content marketing plan included

Express marketing audit


I analyse your existing marketing channels, product positioning and messaging, give you the feedback on what you can improve, and suggest up to 5 new channels to use

Marketing playbook


Build your marketing strategy on your own after reading Marketing Playbook for the early-stage founders by using activities templates


When do you need my services?

If you're a SF-based experienced founder backed up by VCs, with a large team that deals with every element of your product (marketers, engineers, UX, PR) — I'd probably be of pretty limited value for you

I can provide value if:

  • It's your first startup

  • You have launched your startup. And crickets.

  • You have no strong social presence and unsure how to get one

  • You can't afford a big team with multiple roles and responsibilities

  • You launched a product but most of your customers are people who follow you on social media. You want to reach otjer audiences but not sure how you can do it, aside from paid acquisition. 

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