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For every entrepreneur finding the right niche, customer and unique voice can be tough. Get help! Find out what your marketing should look like to get your first 100-1000 customers in 10 weeks. Let’s chat


I'm Ana Bibikova, a marketing go-to person for early-stage entrepreneurs: startup founders and small business owners. I will help you to build your marketing machine and get your first customers

Trevor Longino, Founder and CEO, CrowdTamers

Ana is a real deal. She is thorough and meticulous and provides feedback in time

Robert Balazsi, founder of DataGrab

Ana is absolutely amazing! She provides ton of valuable insights, you just have to dig through them.

Kazi Rabbany, 
serial entrepreneur

Ana's guidelines on the go to market strategy were very precise and right to the point .

a dive into your market and users behaviour to find your perfect fit

Find out who your perfect customers are

— I help to build a perfect customer buying persona profile

— I conduct dozens of customer interview to understand if you're even solving the problem your customers have.
— I build a customer journey map that allows you to see what your customers do on every step from their problem to your product (how and when do they realise they have a problem, where do they go to search for a solution, what information channels do they use). 

Tap the communities

— I create a marketing plan that allows you to tap the power of communities your customers already belong to. 
— Together we set out the priorities and I craft a marketing content plan that will help you deliver your message to your customers in a most efficient way.

Understand the behaviour

— I use behavioural science to audit content and copy that you put on your landing page.

Make them hooked

— With a carefully designed activities plan that includes SMM, performance marketing, influencer marketing, newsletter promotions and events I make sure you get those "first 100 users" (in some cases it's more about 1000 users) within weeks, not months.

go-to-market process  

1. customer interviews

1-3 week

Run yourself or assign me a task of recruiting and interviewing at least 20 existing or perspective customers. Create buying personas and identify core customer values

2. building strategy

4-5 week

Map customer's behaviour and jobs-to-be-done based on customer interviews and surveys. Identify core channels for message delivery and opportunities for amplification. Build a content delivery strategy.

3. optimising and scale

6-10 week

Run on your own or assign me a task of running a set of experiments with performance marketing that will define the most performing positioning, messaging and copy. 


When do you need my services?

If you're a SF-based experienced founder backed up by VCs, with a large team that deals with every element of your product (marketers, engineers, UX, PR) — I'd probably be of pretty limited value for you

I can provide value if:

  • It's your first startup

  • You have launched your startup. And crickets.

  • You have no strong social presence and unsure how to get one

  • You can't afford a big team with multiple roles and responsibilities

  • You have no idea, what's onboarding, how to do the content marketing, why do you need SEO, what positioning is, etc.

Sounds good but you're not sure yet?

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