an Introvert helping other introverts to achieve success

Over the last 18 years, I’ve been growing innovative businesses as a founder or as a hired marketing professional from the ground up. My first venture (content marketing agency) grew into one of the Top-10 internal communications agencies nationwide. My last venture — an innovative retail concept — reached $4M in annual revenue by 2018.


In 2019 I burned out.

It was too overwhelming, and I never saw my 2 kids growing. That rat race was not for me any longer. I decided I had to walk away and be just a Mom, not a business mom. Besides, being an introvert, I was constantly pushed beyond my comfort zone and endured the daily stress of feeling exposed.

I sold my shares but before I totally quit, I was invited as an advisor in a small bootstrapped startup that was making 100% revenue online. This experience opened a whole new world for me. I found out that digital space is perfect for introverts — it allows us to feel more "at home" than anywhere else. No wonder, most of the founders I have encountered since then are pure introverts and socially shy people.



Starting from 2019 I'm working with digital startup founders and e-comm owners as a marketing advisor.


I made it my personal mission to help as many digital introverts grow into successful entrepreneurs as I can. Because I can relate to everything you go through. And because I can help.

What am I doing? 

→ Run audits of the existing marketing strategy, offer improvements


→ Build a customized go-to-market strategy


→ Build a customized content marketing strategy specifying distribution channels you should prioritize

→ Launch info-products for startup founders and creators.

→ Partner with other founders building educational solutions for entrepreneurs worldwide


→ Run 1:1 coaching sessions helping founders identify bottlenecks in their marketing strategy and distribution tactics.


→ Volunteer as a mentor in Founder Institute.


→ Run a side project about the challenges of being an introvert (smart visuals for kids and adults).


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