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what happy customers say

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Marina Labonville, Founder

Ana helped a lot with every stage of the platform. She did Audience Discovery, researching foody communities on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. She helped me find the main pain points and map out the product.

I also was a PM while the platform was built, managing a team that used 100% no-code tools.

Tech stack:

Timing: 4 months

Budget: $18.000

Cony Sammers, Founder

When I hired Ana I only had one thought "I've got an amazing idea, now what?" She basically did all the heavy lifting, dealing with the proof of concept, hiring and managing developers. She was my "co-founder for a month".

I was a PM from ground zero up to the end.

  • What I did:

  • Audience Discovery

  • Opportunity Exploration

  • MVP outline

  • 🔥 Contractors hire (saved Cony 25% to the market rate)

  • PM for developers

Timing: 6 months

Budget: $12.000

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Roman Pavlov

Ana was extremely helpful with go-to-market strategy and offered solid ideas on the ways, how we can get initial customers. She drafted a customer research plan and mapped for us, how we can do it on our own.

What I did:

  • User Research (Interviews, Surveys, Tree Tests - including all the questions, drafts and templates)

  • Target Audience Discovery

  • Growth Marketing Activities Framework

Timing: 2 months

Budget: $5.000

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