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Find a co-founder

Hire top talent For less

Learn how to hire top talent for 1/2 the market rate and make them happy with this arrangement. Hunt co-founders and get yourself the best business partner you could dream of. 

Finding a co-founder should not be so stressful. But it is. Because we tend to stick around people who do the same things we do. Devs mingle with devs. Growth professionals chat with other growth professionals. Looking for a co-founder you should cross these borders between professional communities and find someone who is not like you. 

Moreover, you have to convince this person that you can crash it. That your business idea is plausible. And that it makes perfect sense for them to spend 6 months working for you for free or for 1/2 market rate. Sounds impossible?  

In fact, you can do it.


I'll teach you how. 

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