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How to find  

a tech co-founder

A proven technique that will help you find a technical co-founder you can trust.
No, it's not a "magic bullet". Instead, it's a missing ingredient to create a human connection chemistry.


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who is this for

✅ Non-techie founders who tried to find a tech co-founder but failed. 
✅ Founders extremely tight on a budget
✅ Founders with no solid experience in hiring (especially, tech personnel) 
✅ Founders who don't have strong connections in a "technical world"
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I'm Ana and I've been this non-techie founder who tried my bests to find someone to partner with me and failed. I used matching platforms. I went to tech conferences. I even joined an online startup accelerator with an imaginary project hoping to recruit tech talent from there. 

All in vain.  

Then, in 2020 I discovered a Method that helped me to find 3 partners within several months. I also received over 15 offers to become a non-technical co-founder from talented engineers and developers all over the world. This Method put me on the radar of brilliant people who suddenly wanted to build something together and dreamed of seeing me a part of their team. 

This ebook is about this Method. 

In fact, it's not something I invented. It is used by millions of other people. Some call it "building a personal brand". Others call it "build in public". Whatever the name is, it's all about being genuine, respectful, and authentic. It's about doing what you're passionate about and understanding that in order to get value from someone, you have to bring in a similar amount of value upfront. 

I tried my bests to describe the Method and craft a weekly activities sheet for you so that you could seamlessly slip into the right mode and start using it straight away. It is designed to help you find a co-founder through any social media you choose to be active on.  

What's inside

  • 4 Modules

  • 25 Lessons

  • 4 quizzes to test your newly acquired knowledge

  • Templates and onboarding forms

  • Questions for candidates

  • Weekly activities sheets

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Is this an e-book?

This is a Notion-based course. The core difference is that Notion-based file is interactive (you can change text, leave notes, copy and paste) and it allows to add embeds (videos, forms, inputs) that add value to the content. 

Why is it in Notion? Can I get a regular PDF?

I have chosen Notion to be able to update the information inside the course seamlessly.  As soon as I get some new data I add it to the course and it becomes available to you. Also, as I have mentioned, I was able to use video clips, quizzes and forms in Notion. This option is not available in PDFs. 
Another important aspect — Notion is very popular in tech community. You will most probably track your project in Notion. It's a good opportunity to shorten your learning curve and get on the same page with your future  tech co-founder. 
However if you want to get a PDF just let me know — I will email it to you in no time. 

What if I don't like the content? Can I get a refund? 

Yes, you can. Send me a DM on Twitter, LinkedIn or reply to the email you will receive with the access to the course. And I will refund you. 

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