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Stop launching products to no one

and wasting your money on google ads with zero conversion

find customers before the launch

what future is yours?

Some founders launch a product and start complaining how overwhelmed they are with the customer support — those paying customers just pile up! Others keep launching, and launching, and launching — and nothing. 
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How to join the former category and not the later?

How about you start doing asking yourself this question even before you started coding?

What if you could make data-driven decisions about not only your functionality but whom to sell your product to instead of flipping the coin and going "trial and error" mode blindly? 

What if you could find customers even BEFORE your launch?

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Behind this course

This course is a part of my mission to help founders with very limited financial resources to launch more successful and useful products that help real people solve real problems. 
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My name is Ana Bibikova. I've been mentoring and consulting startup founders through global accelerator programs and on one-on-one basis for 3 years. Before that I had been actively building my own innovative businesses for 15 years. 

When I first landed in the startup community I thought that most founders needed just a little tweak in their marketing mix — and they'd be good to go. Then, at some point, I started to realise that they actually have to change their whole attitude to development—marketing loop.

Finally, I had a revelation: so many founders have failed to validate what they are building, and as a result they don't know who they are building their product for. And where to find customers. Because these two aspects are 100% interconnected: you find customers DURING the validation, not after it. And now I'm teaching how to do it.


What's in the course?

This is a 7-days free email course where you'll learn

1) How to create your assumption and hypothesis about the product before you build it. 
2) How to identify your target customers
3) How to find target customers and recruit them for the interview
4) How to interview people to validate or invalidate your assumption.
5) How to draw insights from your interviews
6) How to figure out if you need other customers or another product
7) How to engage beta users into the product building process


the program:

1) Includes 1 daily email
2)  Features real-life cases
3) Provides you with templates and lists of questions to ask
4) Gives you actionable steps to take (can't narrow it down to a specific timing but it will demand at least 4 hours a week of your time)
5) Personal connection with me and  ask me anything anytime 
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