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Marketing Audit for The bootstrapped founders

10 out of 10 startup founders are happy with the result and start using the insights on the day 1 to get up to $1500 boost in sales

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Rated 5 0ut of 5 by all founders who purchased it as a part of Marketing Playbook Bundle or separately

what does audit consist of

My Express Marketing Audit consists of 3 parts. 

Part 1: You get Google Forms form to fill in. You will have to answer questions about your product that would allow me to build the map of your existing marketing channels and understand your goals. 

Part 2. I analyse your existing channels and strategies and suggest data-based improvements (why and how you can make these channels/ tactics more efficient). 

Part 3. I suggest up to 5 news channels and tactics to be used based on analysis of your competition, your positioning and audience behaviour. 


Examples of the topics to cover in the content marketing strategy if my analysis shows that you're using wrong narratives or topics to inspire the interest of your audience when they are passionate about something else

A new landing page structure and a different product messaging if I see that the existing one doesn't convert free users into paid users or visitors your get on your website. 

A new, more efficient messaging structure is based on competitive analysis and available niche opportunities, as well as your affinity with a certain audience (as a founder, you will have to serve this audience, and it's important that have a strong affinity for people you cater to). 

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All suggestions that I come up with are data-based and specific. If I see a great opportunity for your product in podcast appearances — i list specific shows you should pitch yourself to to reach your audience. 

If I see opportunity in engaging or partnering with influencers on social media — I offer a list of influencers and the % of  your prospective customers that follow this person or engage with their content somehow. 


What if I don't like the results of the audit and want to be reimbursed? 

If you provide valid reasons why my audit doesn't meet your expectations (for instance, I did not get your goals right, or I did not provide actionable advice on using implicit values on your page) — I will be happy to reimburse you.

How can I pay for the audit?

You can pay via Gumroad page. You will be able to pay using a credit card or your PayPal account. 

Do you always offer the same channels and tactics?

Obviously, not. Every founder is different. Every product is different. I try to suggest channels that you might use based on your personal affinity with a market segment, the stage your product is on, the available niches, your existing marketing mix, the competitors' strategies. Sometimes I would recommend using social media in a different way (not how you're using it already). Sometimes, I suggest to focus on SEO. I NEVER recommend using paid acquisition — you can figure that one out without me. 


If you have any questions on using the Playbook please contact me on Twitter

Marketing AUDIT for the early stage founders

 Worth > $1500 in sales, according to 5 out of 5 founders

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