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Marketing playbook for early stage founders

The book that is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 99,9% of startup founders.  Downloaded > 500 times 

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Rated 5/5 by 164 founders who downloaded the book from Gumroad and AppSumo

helped over 100 founders to get >1000 sign ups and paying customers


Ana covers all the great topics.

I like how she has a good amount of examples. Pretty solid and good work!

Noah Bragg, founder of


It’s a fantastic resource with multiple useful examples, including journey

Simon Høiberg, founder of


There is a wealth of marketing learning in it. Loved the examples of startups and founders. Saw quite a few of my Twitter friends and peers I look up to. This made the content fun and engaging

Lucian Tartea, founder of 


Using Ana's book to grow Atomic Fusion and get more customers into the funnel. So far — so good. Grateful for this amazing resource and Ana's personal support. 

Niel Pierce, founder of AtomicFusion

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For founders who love building features and struggle with marketing

Hi, I'm Ana Bibikova, a mentor for early-stage founders. I've been building my own businesses for 18 years. Until I got totally messed up and went through a tough burnout in 2018. I sold almost all my assets, and was certain I'd do anything again. But 4 months into "recharging" — and sure enough, I started looking for new business opportunities. It was then when I was invited to lecture in a small local accelerator and talk to a group of talented founders about go-to-market strategies.


That's how I ended up in a wonderful world of startups. 

I've been volunteering as a mentor since then in the Founder Institute Global Accelerator, as well as with a number of small local programs. I've been coaching and consulting founders on marketing, and joined several teams as a partner or a non-technical founder (CookForMore, WizenGuides, Entrytoo, Atomic Fusion, etc.). 

I know that many of you can't make yourself stop improving the product and start doing marketing. And I understand, why. 

Because marketing is unpredictable

It's very different from building a product because with tech you know what do you have to do to get the expected result. With marketing, you're not so sure. The only thing that seem more or less predictable in terms of outcome is performance marketing (Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.) And your plan is probably to save those several thousands $, so that you could start running Facebook ads. 

Don't do it. 

There are many more marketing channels that you can use. There are lead magnets, growth loops, newsletters, events and many other possibilities. 

I've put all of then in this book. 

I added weekly planner with marketing activities that you can use to bring your product to your audience before and without Facebook ads or Google ads. Or activities that would help you use those ads to pinpoint your messaging and identify the most lucrative audience. 

"This book helped me to figure out my go-to-market strategy"


Kazi Rabbani, founder of

what's inside the book

This book is a PDF containing 70 pages of actionable hands-on explainers on marketing tactics and channels that you can use. 

  • 21 sections that will help you to figure out what marketing tactics are most suitable for you

  • a curated list of 35 software tools that will help you to grow faster

  • Marketing activities planner with 36 marketing activities to take, average budget, and probable conversion rate for every activity. They will help you to get those 100 first paying customers and much more! You can add your own activities to the plan, set the deadlines, and track your progress. 

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Real-life examples from my personal experience and mentorship history of bootstrapped startups with very limited budgets and first-time or second-time founders.

Very digestible snippets of information that will allow you to consume content one small chunk at a time. 

No lengthy texts. 

Step-by-step guides and weekly activities 

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Why the book is free if you're implying it's so good? 

I have been selling this book for a year charging $39 per copy. Now I believe it's time to make it free for everyone, and help more founders learn the basics of marketing. The more indie-hackers benefit from my work — the more fulfilled I will feel. Especially, in times when we're facing the recession, and every dollar founders spend on education counts. I believe you'd be better off spending these $39 elsewhere.   

How can I get the ebook?

The ebook is distributed via Gumroad. You will be redirected to the book page on this platform and will be able to download it from there. 

Can I get the ebook in non-PDF format?

You can get also a Notion-based file. If you are more comfortable with Notion just drop me a message and I'll send you access to the Notion file that you would be able to copy into your account. 


If you have any questions on using the Playbook please contact me on Twitter

Marketing playbook for early stage founders

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