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How to launch a startup profitable from day 1

Robust Founder Bootcamp: 6 Lessons To Learn and Follow

Sometime ago for over a month I've run a series of my newsletter issues starting from the basics: how do you decide what product to build, how do you find your target audience, how user research is actually done if you're underfunded and bootstrapped with no desire to hire an expensive marketing agency. Now, I'm just putting it all together so that you can navigate over the lessons from one page. Hope, you'll find it useful.

What the lessons are about?

  1. In lesson 1 I explain a simple framework of building startup profitable from day one. It basically means that you FIRST find the customers, THEN build a product. It solve the problem of finding those beta users and early tests, right positioning and messaging. But to do it right you have to establish your affinity with the audience you're going to serve.

  2. Lesson 2 deals with the ways to test if you're really connected to the audience you want to serve. Plus tools for online research.

  3. Lesson 3 — the details on doing user research online.

  4. Lesson 4 — customer interviews and how to carry them

  5. Lesson 5 — the question of probability and uncertainty in user research. What are your chances that the results you're seeing are completely random?

  6. Lesson 6 — Establishing market size and deciding if the business built upon the idea to serve the audience you've chosen, will be able to keep a roof over your head.

If you have any questions or feedback please DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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