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An ultimate Pricing Guide  
For saas founders and info—product creators 

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whaT the e-book is about

Figuring out your pricing strategy has never been  easier  

✅ Craft a pricing strategy that fits your product

✅ Choose a free tier or a free trial wisely

✅ Use behavioural marketing research data to convey the value of your product

✅  Learn how and when to increase the price and avoid churn growth

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who is this e-book for


This e-book is for you if you are:

✅  An early-stage SaaS founder getting ready to launch your product.

✅  A SaaS founder who already launched a product thinking of increasing prices but don't want to loose customers while doing so.

✅  A SaaS founder who wants to approach strategically the pricing policy and make sure your customers are getting ongoing value out of your product. 

✅   In info-product creator who wants to price its creation properly (not too low so that it seem too cheap and not too hight so that it seems affordable)

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