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Hand-crafted marketing architecture for the bootstrapped founders

Step by step monthly marketing activities plan and actionable insights to x10 your sales

what does this package consist of

Hand-Crafted Marketing Architecture package includes:

📞 a Zoom call where we discuss your product, your business goals and your existing marketing mix

✅ we fill in the form together where we specify all the existing alternatives to your product, its positioning and messaging, as well the the audience you want to reach. 

🍗 Deep landing page roast. I run a survey with people who fit your target audience description to roast the messaging on your landing page and come up with a more compelling copy based on the results we get, as well as behavioural marketing insights. 

🗓 In 3 weeks I come up with a new data-based marketing architecture and marketing plan (INCLUDING the budget)  that is based on your product, your customer segment, your access to available resources, and your annual KPI for growth. It includes a content marketing plan for 3 months based on the keyword research aligned with your business goals.

💪 I start working with a founder on implementing the plan, showing how to use templates and tools, and how to extract and analyze data for future use. We start creating and setting into action a marketing machine together. This package includes 20 h/week of my time for a month.

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You have a landing page but it shows a high bounce rate? Or you're not getting conversions you've been hoping for (which is tough especially if you spend $$ on Google/ social media ads to send traffic to your website, and this money is wasted as the conversion is low). 


There's a huge chance your messaging is way off. People don't get what you're offering. Or they have doubts. A/B testing? Not an option because the tests will not let you find the reasons for the bounce rate. 

To get to the bottom of it I will run several surveys with people who fit the description of your ideal customer and we'll see what they would say about your landing. 


Will use these survey results as well as behavioural marketing insights to improve your conversion considerably. 


A new list of keywords to boost your traffic from the organic search based on your business goals (sign-ups/ visits or conversions), SEO-related goals and competition opportunities with actionable suggestions on how to improve your backlinks strategy. 

Plus a content marketing plan for the next 3 months (a list of posts with the H1 and H2 suggestions). 

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A distribution framework for your content that would allow you to re-use and repurpose every piece of content you create. And that will x5 your reach to prospective customers on the platforms they have the most presence and where you will be able to create long-term relationship with them (loyalty, shoutouts, brand support) or short-term relationships (conversions). 


What if I don't like the results of the your marketing plan and want to be reimbursed? 

If you provide valid reasons why my marketing plan doesn't meet your expectations (for instance, I did not get your business goals right, or I did not provide landing page roast) — I will be happy to reimburse you.

How can I pay for the marketing plan?

You can pay via Gumroad page. You will be able to pay using a credit card or your PayPal account. 

When will I get my marketing plan?

In general, I have everything ready in 3 weeks after you fill in the Google forms with the answers to my questions and I get data to work with. In some cases, it might take a little longer I I have additional questions but you can't find time to answer them. 


If you have any questions on using the Playbook please contact me on Twitter

Hand-crafted marketing architecture for the bootstrapped founders

 x10 your sales with a plan that includes growth marketing tactics and product marketing insights

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